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After Winning The Case You Instantly Get The Compensation On Your Account(25% Commission Subtracted). In Case Of Losing The Case - You Don't Pay Anything

We Do All The Work And Take All The Risks

We Do Every Routine and Document Related Work

Our Lawyers will investigate Your Case and Prepare for The Primary Complaint

We will investigate Your Case Based On Our Precedent Basis and prepare argumentation to present the primary complaint at the airline company

We Do All Paper Related Work

Our lawyers prepare the documentation and conduct negotiations with airline companies to get the compensation without the court

We Appeal To The Court To Get The Compensation

If necessary we prepare the documentation package and appeal to the court to get the compensation from airline companies

It's completely free for you - we are taking all costs related to the court

Why FlyInspectors?

In case of flight related problem, first you must determine if you are eligible for compensation. Unfortunately getting this information is not as easily accessible, as you may imagine. The flight database is unavailable for you, you cannot check the similar cases and need legal expertise to check the airway passenger's rights regulations. But there is a solution, as airline travel experts, we are here to help you, this is our field of expertise! We have already helped many passengers, you should try too!

8 out of 10 passengers points out that airline company denied them the compensation, moreover - they didn't even respond. Our experts are struggling for passengers' rights and are ready to appeal to the court if needed to get the rightful compensation.


Fight For Compensation - Compare

Appealing Independently

  • - cost - minimal, but the procedures are realted to costs;
  • - demands a lot of work;
  • - low chance of success;
  • - legislation is complex and proper qualification is necessary;
  • - high stress factor (meetings, paperwork, phone calls).

With FlyInspectors

  • - cost before winning the case - 0;
  • - takes only 5 minutes;
  • - high chance of success;
  • - help of experienced and qualified professionals;
  • - absolutely stress-free (We enforce the compensation for you.)

With Lawyer

  • - cost - couple of hundred euros;
  • - very time-consuming;
  • - chance of success - unclear;
  • - experience unknown (depends on specialty);
  • - absolutely stress-free (We enforce the compensation for you.)

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Customers' reviews

Giorgi Mamulia
Excellent service :) customer receives what they expect?
Irakli Mgeladze
They work fast and always online to help. Money came in my account how they promised. Thanks guys for help and good luck!
Natali Gelashvili
საუკეთესო გუნდი წარმატებები
Levan Papaskiri
Many thanks to Flyinspector for help and support; we received the compensation within two months; the process was comfortable and fast; strongly recommended company; thanks again!
Noniko Devidze
პირველ რიგში მინდა ვთქვა,რომ ხართ ძალიან პასუხისმგებლიანები და კეთილსინდისიერები თქვენს საქმეში. მცირე დროში მოახერხეთ შესანიშნავად შეგესრულებინათ თქვენი საქმე და მოგეგვარებინათ ჩემი პრობლემა. ძალიან დიდ მადლობას გიხდით და გიცხადებთ ნდობას !
Zhana Temo
დიდი მადლობა გაწეული მომსახურობისთვის! ოპერატიული და თავაზიანი გუნდი! ორ კვირაში ჩაგვერიცხა კომპენსაცია! წარმატებები ❤
Manana Menteshashvili
დიდი მადლობა FlyInspectors- ის ჯგუფს და პირადად ნიკას ასეთი ოპერატიული მოქმედებისთვის, ნამდვილად არ ველოდი ასეთ სწრაფ რეზულტატს. 16.04.3019 წ. ქუთაისი-სალონიკის მიმართულების რეისმა 10 საათი დააგვიანა და ნიკას ოპერატიულობით და თავის საქმის კარგად ცოდნით 2 კ